Sunday, 1 September 2013

Brotzeit @ Vivo City

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Hubby ordered beer, and mine was Spezi. It was said to be Cola + Orange. But it taste nothing like both. It's too hard to tell. Too bland for my liking.

Since this is a German restaurant, we were not surprised to be served by a German waiter. With all his smile, he talked nicely and made us feel home. A nice place to be in actually.

And we don't see a lot of Singaporeans here, or maybe I didn't take notice.
Hubby ordered a bacon pizza, I didn't fancy thin crust, so he had a fair bit.

And their in-house special, SAUSAGES!!
We ordered the Cheese ones, and it's really nice!

My main course was Salmon. I didn't know what to have so baby placed the bet. It was surprisingly Good!

I like their Potatoes.
Total damage: $108.

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