Wednesday, 12 February 2014

12 Weeks (Appointment)

Went for our 3rd check up, and Baby Lee is now 6 cm.
Just 4 weeks ago, Baby Lee is just nearly 2cm!

Morning sickness have tremendously reduced, and my appetite is coming back. Cravings, yes sometimes and my indigestion issue hasn't recovered. Now doctor added fish oil, calcium and iron into my supplements. I've gotta drink some milk and eat some healthy stuff now.

We decided to skip the Oscar test (for Down Syndrome) since we feel that it is unnecessary, and doctor told us today that there is another detailed scan (Fetal Anomaly Scan) on week 20-22. We decided to go ahead with that since it can detect things like [hole in the heard], [liver/lung issue], [clef lips], [extra limbs], [blood flow in umbilical cord] and etc. We will be able to see the gender clearly too.

Lastly, I am really blessed that I can stay at home to rest during this pregnancy period. Unlike many, I get enough sleep, and need not worry about a lot of things which many woman out there faces. I am lucky.

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