Wednesday, 28 May 2014

27 Weeks 0 Day

Entering third trimester is a tough thing.
Currently at 27 weeks, 91 days to go.

More aches, more inconvenient and more complains & whines from me every single day. 

I can't touch my toes now.
I can't cut my own toe nails.
I can't sleep and toss left and right as I like.
I can't get up from the bed and sofa without rolling to the side.
I can't chase Niki and Winter anymore.
I can't bend down and pick things up within 2 seconds.
I can't pick the rascals up from the floor.
Winter's tummy touches mine before he can lick my face.
I can't hug my hubbs cos of the bulging tummy.
And I get kicked for no reason throughout the day especially during pee/pooping.

But all these became worthwhile when gynae merely says
"Everything Is Alright, Baby Is Growing Well!"

So, I hope for August to arrive fasterlyer.

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