Monday, 18 February 2013

Heavy Feet

January and February is a month of LOVE for me.
I am finally married.

Coming into mid-february, my mind for work starts to shift. Maybe it's due to the long holiday I have been on? I dont know. But Daniel, one of our colleague, has left for a better opportunity.

How about me?
I can't be sitting here waiting for my pay to raise like that.
I need money, seriously. And his departure made me start thinking.

I can't go far in this department. There is no prospect. Even though I agree that I get to go oversea, I get to travel frequently and so on, but this is not what I really want!

On a side note...
Yesterday's 4D first prize was 6202.
I was so so so upset and I dont' understand how can we missed by just one number? I am not asking for too much. I just hope we can clear our debt soonest. I only want a simple life, a debtless life.

Sighs. Nevermind.
What's mine will be mine, and what's not will never be.

So I have to find my alternative source of income.
I can't be sitting here to keep thinking!
I need to take action!!

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