Friday, 8 March 2013


Yui asked me along to a make up event held at Tangs, by NARS.
 It's been a long while since I stepped into Orchard, and its been awhile since I look into make up products and make up tips. Learnt something new today !
They demonstrated some light make up technics for daily wear, some shading.... and I seriously fell for the bronzer. After much discussion, Yui manage to convince me that maybe the brush plays a part. So, I decided to look for the brush first before getting the bronzer. Hah!
I was telling Jon that I was at this event, and told him that I saw Julien. And he forwarded me this...
Yes it was him.
Never thought that he'd leave MAC.
Julien makes a very good make up artist.
So impressed with his technics.
I'm easily impressed by talented people. And along my life, I met so many of them. It makes me feel so small in this world. But never mind. I have my forte too :)
Yes, so we got a little gift from them, yes from NARS.
Moisturizing cream for hydration before make up
Primer, my favourite piece!!
They hold the make up in place whole day, they brightens the colours on my face, and they made my faces matt whole day!
Last but not least, brightening concentration. I like this below my eye shadows, it makes my shadows glow!! Awesome product, but I'll be back to square one after finishing them coz afterall, I don't like spending on make up products.
At the end of the day, all these colours and powders goes with my make up remover. ha ha .. I still believe that all I need is a good make up remover, and cleanser.
Thank you NARS for your invitation.

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