Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Belluna Collagen Ampoules

Received a parcel and Tommy thought that I bought Pepperos. T.T
Just a week ago I was advertising their services and there they are, reaching me safely in just a couple of days :D GREAT!!
I started exploring into Ampoules just last year when I was preparing for my bridal make up. I always know these things exist, but have never spent a single cent on them because to me, natural is beauty.
However, as I grow (with age), I start exploring into beauty more often. And this is one of my findings which I love to share. And it works!
Collagen Ampoule.
I know of many places selling ampoule, and millions of product talking about Collagen. It's nothing new in the beauty industry. But this brand, Belluna, IS FANTASTIC!
At only $26.40 per box of 10 vials, this collagen ampoule makes all make up stays matt, hydrate your skin immediately, and allow your face to glow! Trust me! Now I only get this brand. (Click HERE!)
I've tried a few other brands but somehow it doesn't work like how this does. If the product doesn't make a difference almost immediately, then what makes you think that it will work 10 hours later?
So... I bought 3boxes, and free 1.
Will be giving 2 boxes away to Yui coz I don't need so many of them.
Use this with your mask, it works best!
Happy masking! <3

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