Monday, 18 March 2013

Waggin' Tails Drives Stress Away

I've been wanting to bring the two rascals out since two weekends ago. But baby was sick the previous week, and followed by myself, down with flu, (plus raining on sundays) ... End up I only brought them down for a walk ONCE!

I think they must have been too bored at home.

I've never been wanting to go out so badly as now. I wonder if it's due to the stress I'm pressing on myself. After falling sick last week, I haven't been too well until now. And probably the only way to bring down my stress is to bring the two for a walk.

It cheers me up to see them happy.
Oh, I'm getting a DSLR for myself soon :)
So finally I can get some decent photos of the two little ones running on a green patch field... I'm so looking forward !

So..... Happy 26th advance birthday present to me!

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