Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pets 'n' the City @ Turf City (The Grandstand)

 Pets n the City 2013 @ The GrandStand !!

It was drizzling when we step out of house and it kinda dampen the mood a lil, but we still went ahead! I'm so excited to see all the differnent stores selling different stuff and so on. However, upon reaching the actual site, it turns me off.

Pees all over the place and irresponsible owners just did not bother to clean them up. WHYYY ??!! 

Alrights, apart from all these bad stuff, the weather was rather humid. Bad weather to attend a pet event like this, but Vinc and Tommy did not complain at all. We were perspairing all over and Niki Wimpy was panting hard.

The first dog we see had a huge red heart attached onto the butt! It's actually food colouring dye, which has been in fashion for a while, on dogs.. But i'll never do that to my little two. Not too sure if it's harmful to the fur, but I better not since Wimpy is not good at his skin.

He is smaller in size than Niki!! Baby and I were so attracted to him coz baby love beagle..! 

And tadaa ~~ My two:
They were so distracted all along lah.
See my two men! Hahaa..
Initially baby and I were still thinking if we should bring our camera along because we couldn't handle. But since Tommy agreed to come along, I have more picutres this time! :D

Alrights, there are 3 booth - 2 for pets adoption and one for one of the kibble brand which i"m not interested in. Sigh..

And there was this contest that I entered my two in, but I dont see them in here! Does it mean that  they're not even in the 'consolation' position? Or my photos actually did not reach them? Sighhhhh ~

Niki not cute mehh mehh??
I submitted this two photos separately:

Not cute mehhhhs??
Moving on, we had more fun at the game booth..

Booth One:
Pet has to stay inside the red box and not distracted by the treats in front of them:
Owners have to think of ways to keep their pooches down.
Niki totally do not have issue with this because he can't wait to sit down for a rest. LOL*

Booth Two:
Pet has to sniff out 3 boxes, to see which boxes contains treats !
Usually Wimpy will not have issue with this but due to loud microphone from the ongoing stage performance 3metres away, he didn't want to sniff the boxes out :(

But the kind lady gave us a passed.
Nice ~

Booth Three:
Owners have to make pet do as much tricks as possible within a minute.
Wimpy failed totally. He only reacted to "SIT" and he was looking all around the places at other dogs. T.T
But the lady gave us a passed.
And because of this, we got a free photo taking session! :D
Tired Niki wants carry. He was so timid to walk on his own. :(

But Wimpy was different. He was so eager to sniff everyone's butt out.
Wimpy is a nice kid :)

More photos of other dogs..

Niki 'trying' to make some friends

And I saw a few facebook friend: Amy and her parrot..
Awesome right? the Parrot just cling onto her shoulder..
Some celebrity attended this event with their pets..

Alrights, last picture before leaving..
It started drizzling shortly. We were there for only an hour and we decided to head home.

We brought back home with us, nine cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes. :D
Totally in love with their Peanut Butter ones ~~ ^^,

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