Friday, 29 March 2013

Visit Raffles Place

Today, we decided to explore our new camera, and pick some experience up! Yes I'm new, and he's new too. So let this two newbie spend some time figuring how to get pictures right!
In fact, after today's session, we realised that photography is a form of knowledge. Not everyone has the talent to pick up this device and snap snap snap snap........ To get some awesome pictures, one has to spend some time, fix that device and master it. And I think, reading really helps, a lot.
I'm lacking of this piece of knowledge (I KNOW) so I shall do more reading soon.
Were trying to catch some decent pictures and it's actually hard especially on moving objects - like a bird! I failed so damn badly.

Out of maybe a hundred shots, I shall say none passed.
Behind every picture, the amount of hardwork a photographer has to pay is unimaginable. Photographers are awesome people.
I will do it someday!!
Decided to give up on moving objects for now. Lets focus on stationary stuff first!
At Raffles Place, they have some displays now by NParks I think. Here it goes..
They even have a sandy playground!
Moving on to Singapore River..
And the bridge where we took our wedding photo <3
These are the few better ones out of so so many failed photos with either lack of lightings, poor angle, wrong focuses and such. Sigh.. I really need to be more hard working!
I like this smile :)
Spring is coming to and end, and all the flowers are scattered everywhere now. Look at the beautiful grass patch !
Baby and I were arguing over who did a better job. I can't deny the photos he took (of me) today look awesome, but we can't deny the fact that I am photogenic !! WAHAHAHAAA*  EVIL ME!!
(does this tee shirt makes me look slimmer!!?! - 6 bucks!)
And we headed to Esplanade for some air-con ~~
Then finally for dinner at Yomenya Goemon @ CityLink
Appetiser came first <3
Mentai Shrimp Spaghetti for ME!
Olive Roast Duck for baby <3
The End.

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