Saturday, 25 May 2013

Strolling Downtown

It's hard for baby to wake up in the morning.... like 8am. But today, cuz I have to go for my annual company health screening, he did it. :D heheee..... Of course we cab down to Raffles Place and he waited with me for 3 hours!

*how sweet*

I regret, the very moment I step into the centre. Why so through such hassle to get myself in trouble? All the blood tests and all the X-rays etc? =.=

They provided breakfast, so we had a bite before we left.

See the birds sun-tanning !!
We strolled from Raffles Place, through V.C.H
Can you still reconise VCH? The clock at least?

And walked all the way to City Hall

Had lunch at Din Tai Fung, it was totally disappointing.
The food is tasteless, and my favourite Xiao Long Bao was disasterous! I'm sure I'll never come back here again!

And we walked too Bugis...
Finally, had a good massage at 福禄寿 complex!

Sometimes, it's good to take a stroll, get some sun onto our skin and explore Singapore by foot! <3

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