Monday, 20 May 2013

Been Busy

I've been busy with life, busy with work.
My department will ceased its operation in September, so I'm busy keeping a lookout on available jobs and chances. Went to a few interviews and feel that those are not what I really want.

I will start on my pet grooming course and see what life takes me to. I will start my course in September, and it will take me roughly 6weeks to complete, so after November, lets see what I've got on hand. :)

I just came back from Indonesia, and the weather sucks too.
I'm so tired throughout this trip that I slept 2 full days last weekend. Niki tried all ways to wake me up, jumping around me, licking on my lips, whining, scratching my bed, digging into my blanket...... And pulling my hand using his nose. It all didn't work. I woke up twice, to feed them. Poor boys.

Okay la, I did spend an hour with them, bringing them out for a walk and showering Winter. That's all.

And for June, Boss just planned another trip for me to Shanghai, 7days, well, I'm glad to be able to make a trip down again, but felt kinda wasted that baby can't go along with me.

He said that we can visit there someday, but I'll doubt so.
The air tickets are bloody expensive =.=

Well, nevermind.

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