Saturday, 20 April 2013

Philippines Trip 13-19Apr

13th April 2013.
Little Wimpy threw up early in the morning, so we jumped off the bed at 5.45am, and cleaned up the mess. Poor boy, he must be feeling unwell. :(
We got up and get prepared for all the stuff, and headed out. Right before I go, Wimpy stood with his hind legs and kissed me on my chin. I felt sad for a second and couldn’t bear to leave my two boys. But I know my family will take care of them well.
Now, little Nik was curling beside mum, seems to know that I will be away for awhile. He’s such a clever boy!
So we went off.
We reach the airport earlier than expected, and we went walking around before checking in our stuff. Weather was good, and we were so excited! Afterall, this is the first time we’re going off together and completing the travel together! :)
We had a quick bite at the airport before heading to the gates. Killiney.

3.5hrs of plane ride.
And we reach Philippines safely.

I was pretty impressed by the developments here. Initially when baby ask, "How is Philippines like?" I told him, maybe it's like Indonesia? They have forest everywhere, grass patches, poor traffic and bad air.

But the moment I step out of the Airport, I know i'm wrong.
Look at the tall buildings!! It's not losing to Raffles Place ok!!! It took us 30 mins to reach our hotel. And we both liked it at the first glance.

Seda Hotel. Open just 6 months ago.
Very kind people we met there, they really provide excellent service!
We went around town to get use to the surroundings, afterall we're gonna spend the next 6 days here. Everything look so Singapore actually.  

We came to a pet shop selling Moo's nose as doggie chews! OMG~ I was horrified. 

Our first meal in Philippines.

Some other things.. 

(The MC'D in Phili)
People here are generally smaller in build. They are shorter and small structured. I became so huge there. Vinc is a giant. 

We visited their local supermarket. 
They sell big carrots!!!

Our breakfast at the hotel, ......... for the next 6 days.
Yes we ate the same food everyday. 


I am glad that baby came along with me this time round. It was a pleasant trip as we have never thought we would travel to Philippines together....... and now we did! :D

Manila Bay
We visited this place called the Manila Bay. It's like Singapore's East Coast Park. They have rolls of restaurants along the sea and people came all the way here to watch sunsets. So did we. :)

*Baby & I*

We were pretty amazed by the speed of sun setting in just within 10 mins. So bright and cheerful now, and skies turned dark and gloomy next.

We dislike the weather like Philippines.

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