Saturday, 6 April 2013

Basic Photography Workshop

$68 for two, so we went! 

It was drizzling, but we were early! And the rest were late! *humph* But it's okie, we were so excited because I know we'll pick something back home today :D

Class Photo from FUSE facebook page!

First thing, we learnt about some basic techniques and function of a camera, how to choose a camera and whats not. Some people brought along their compact camera, some DSLR. I have both, so Baby and I shared. :) 

Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, Exposure and White Balance... We manage to clinch some basics back home today ^o^ So, here are some of our take homes, enjoy~

(Shutter Priority, 1/4000)

Below this photo is taken by Baby! Nice!!

(Aperture Priority, F5.4)

Photo taken by baby:

Class ended at 8pm, and we headed to Bugis Junction by foot.

After a long day, we were all tired, hungry and sleepy... Dinner before heading back to Woodlands ..... SHOKUDO @ Bugis Junction!

Baby's Tsukune Spegs!

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