Tuesday, 2 April 2013

SYF 2013 + Upper Seletar Reservoir

This is our 6th SYF.
Not exactly "ours" but we never failed to be there to support the kids! So, this time round is the same.

Frankly speaking, I'm impressed by their playings. And to be really frank, I think they did a better job than the Alumni's concert last month.

I shall choose photos I especially like to display here. The rest, please refer to FACEBOOK! So, here is the whole event (in short).

They fall in for attire check at 7.30am.

... and Jerry, along with Gina, briefed the Sec 1s

The kids then warm up and did some tuning in...
And off we went, heading down to S.C.H.
We were running late, the traffic was bad. And the ver moment we hit the venue, we rush into Tuning Room.

*all their serious faces*

The whole performace was soon over. And we all agreed that they did pretty well. :)

A group photo before the principal left..

And the teachers soon gathered to talk about the whole process.

Back to school, we took a huge group photo again.

Look at all their smiles..

And my lovely section, the Saxophones.

And their day ended with a group hug. <3

And so after their performance, we hang around school, had lunch together and moved on. Vinc and YY went to CCH after that, while Yui and I hung at Northpoint while waiting for them.

Picked up some technical stuff from yy with my DSLR and I think I very 厉害 because I managed to figure out the settings just yesterday! And I was right! heheheee....

We headed to Upper Seletar Reservoir after the guys finish CCHY.. And took some photos there~

Acting a Jump shot:

Hahaha.. I know it looked stupid. So here's a real one:
Look at the mist !
We were there waiting for sunset, but there were too much cloud.

No sunset nevermind, we play with Jumping..... No, not we, is 'them'.

And I learnt about manual focusing:
Above photo taken by TYY
And here is a photo taken by me:
T.T ~~

One more.... Photo taken by TYY:
And by me:

DUHHHHH ......
I know i need more practice la..

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