Tuesday, 3 June 2014

28 Weeks (Appointment)

Officially 7th Month Old. :)
Can you see the face?
Baby is happily moving and kicking, opening and closing her mouth during the scan. Eyes look big and nose quite long ah! And from the scan, she look quite chubby and maybe have a longer face (unlike my round face)! Can't wait to see her in two months' time!

Time passes, quickly, yet slowly.

Anyway, baby bean sitting at 1.2kg, good growth, and have not turned downwards yet. Gynae mentioned that we have one more month to go, if she doesn't rotate, C-section we will go.

Hubbs asked what changes during the pass one month for the good growth (last month she was smaller in size), and I told him "Lunch!" ... Yes I've been skipping lunch in the past coz appetite didn't pick up. So we ordered tingkat (lunch catering) everyday and I was somewhat forced to eat. 

Be good girl, little one. Please grow well!

Some updates; 
Tummy is getting heavier and bulkier, sleeping became a problem since I have two monkeys fighting to sleep beside me every night. They both like squeezing with me hoping I will cuddle them to sleep. Major headache. But anyway, since I'm not working (fortunately!) I get to rest during the day.

Not much cravings still, but I tend to snack more on chips and crackers. Love sweet stuff as usual, yogurt to replace ice creams now.

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