Monday, 9 June 2014

Things No One Told You About Big Tummy

I really need to pen this down.

As baby bean gets bigger, she kicks and digs around, and it CAN be felt. Especially. At. Night.

I can't sleep. 

But I'm one of the lucky ones whom didn't need to work, so I can take a nap during noon time.

But you know that awful feeling when you're so so tired but can't sleep? Niki, Winter and hubb slept like nobody's business and there I am, counting sheep. 

Another thing is SHOWER . 

I haven't been able to wash my feet lately.

Wearing clothes became a chore. Too.

All due to the bulging tummy.

It really felt like carrying a watermelon. I can't move too fast as the tummy will swing - literally. No you can't see it, but I can feel it inside. I can't bend down to pick things up (have to squat, which is super ugly). I can't cross my legs when I sit. I can't slouch, it will press down onto the bladder which is super uncomfortable.

So, baby, I'm looking forward to your arrival and all these will go back in place.

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