Tuesday, 7 January 2014

4PM Is Happy Hour

For the past 3 years (plus), 4pm is a happy hour to me.
That is because I used to work till 4.30pm, and 4pm means knocking off soon!

But no longer now. (Bah!)
I use to tell hubby how appreciative I am towards my previous job, cause I get transported to and fro home, and I get to go home really early. I get good remuneration, good benefits, food is cheap (and good!) I would reach home at 5.45pm and start playing with my dogs, bring them for walk and clean them up.. And spend really quality time with family. On top of that, I get to travel while I get paid.

Work was stressful but fulfilling. 
I get a lot of satisfaction from there and life remains fair. 

Not until the retrenchment came about.
It was a horrid. It blew my dreams away and created chaos in my life. I miss working there with these people. I miss so many things which I can never find them back anymore. That kind of effort I put into work, that seriousness and willingness to learn.. I can't find them back in me anymore.

I felt betrayed.
All the efforts I put into became a Thank you & byebye. 

Well, since I am in a new company now, I should have put in the same amount of effort. But I just can't bring myself into the system. I have a lot of resentment and rejection, and refuse to wake up from reality that I need to start moving again. 

Sigh... I hope time will tell.
Time will let me sink into this new workplace comfortably.

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