Monday, 6 January 2014

6 Weeks 3 Days

The nausea feeling increases as days goes by since the start of my 7th week. And all I can do is to swallow it back. I don't want all the nutrients I consumed to be wasted.

Axe oil is my best friend now.

Not much appetite, but feels hungry every 2 hours.
If tummy gets empty, all the sickness will come.

Please let me have a healthy baby.
Boy or girl, doesn't matter.

Hubby has been really patience with me and I tried not to be unreasonable. My mood is good so far, except when the weather is hot - I can get pretty frustrated and keep whining like niki.

Hubby also prepares my daily needs like soy bean milk and dry biscuits, put them in a box nicely for me to bring to work. He's always been so nice. That's what I love about him, being so patience.

He may keep asking "Is there anything I can help?", especially when I feel sick! But I'd tell him It's OK cause there is nothing much he can do in fact.

But I love him. And I know he will love our child.

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