Wednesday, 12 March 2014

16 Weeks (Appointment)

Pregnancy has been good to me so far.
Appetite is back and little cravings also just started.

But I keep telling myself to control it! Cuz I don't wanna gain any unnecessary weight from pregnancy. Its not as if I'm not eating enough, those supplements prescribed by doctor is actually good enough. So I shouldn't "eat for two" like many said.

(Source: BabyCentre)

Some said I look rounder, some say I didn't change much. 
I have gained 2kg so far.

So, went for the once-a-month routine check up and baby bean is now slightly over 10cm at 160grams

Doctor was trying very hard to check for the gender, but my shy baby keeps on kicking the scan machine. YES!! Both Vinc and I actually see our baby kicking LIVE on the ultrascan! We were rather amazed, but I couldn't feel kicks in the tummy yet!

So, doctor says baby is healthy, and growing very well, and encourage me to continue taking the supplements. 

Well, I actually have some issues with the supplements.
They come in pills form, some in capsules. I can't seem to digest the capsules very well and always throw up within 15mins of drowning it down.

But doctor insist I continue.
Well, if it's good for the baby, then.... no choice I guess.

We will be having a detailed scan in 5 weeks time. Its called the Fetal Abnormalities scan. Doctor will check baby from head to toe, in detail.. So, we will also know the gender by then!

By the way, I don't think it is so important to spread about my pregnancy. It's so personal and, people who are important to me will be informed personally, and those who care to read my blog regularly will get informed too. 

For the rest, thank you for your concern.

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