Saturday, 29 March 2014

18 Weeks 3 Days

Not too good recently.
Although I have my appetite back, however, my indigestion is causing me problem.

Feel so bloated and full, nausea and pukish after meals.
So i'm eating less now.

Some ladies out there have the same issue, I feel so much at ease after reading forums. I avoided a lot of food. Supplements prescribed by my gynea has been left on the shelf. Have been drinking coke, and more coke. (I know it's bad but sprite and other drinks don't work!) - I NEED TO BURB IT OUT !!!

I cut down on fruits and veggies cuz it gives me diarrhea.
Sigh, all the unhealthy food i'm taking in now. But what to do?
I'm trying my best too...

Haven't feel any baby movements yet, probably cuz I have thicker fat layers. According to books, first time mums usually feel kicks at a later stage. Some felt it after 15th week, some 20th.

Photo taken at Week 15th: 

And currently, Week 18th

Tummy getting rounder and obvious in dresses.
How do I know? - People giving up Priority Seats to you on the MRT!!

Another thing people won't tell you about being pregnant, is you get out of breath so easily! Why? Because the boobs are gaining weight too and it causes difficult breathing especially when asleep. Blood thickens and increases in volume, that makes the heart work extra hard during this period.

Sleeping itself is a problem. I get choked on easily during sleep, find myself in awkward position due to the bulging tummy and start-to-ache back and calf, numbing half of my body when I sleep a certain position for too long period of time, and pain when I try to flip over.

The pain I'm referring to is the abdominal pain. I can't describe the pain, maybe it's the water bag sliding the whole baby from one side to another, causing stretching pain in the abdominal.

And lastly, DIZZY SPELLS!!
I was sleeping halfway two days ago and I dream myself on a cruise. The ship shook so hard that I can't open my eyes. I force myself to wake up and found myself to be in a dizzy spell . So, you can feel dizzy too during sleep.

My conclusion is, it's tough being a mother.
And, I'm only 4 months into it and I'm feeling it.
I still have 20 years to go.

Wish me luck, and patience.

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