Friday, 21 March 2014

Satisfying the Craving

Have been eating really well lately, and I don't really have much cravings to be frank. I think I have handled that pretty well. I try not to be demanding and snack on anything I can find at home. But there is one thing I always crave for - ICE CREAM !! 

Well, no flavor in specific, so McD's did pretty well for me.

Here are some places we have been to and find it quite awesome:

Singapore Food blogger, Lady Iron Chef' wrote a review (here) on this cafe before. 

I was there 3 times, and they provided a very good service all the time! Good smiles, happy people, and most importantly, great ambiance! The place is cosy and good for a catch up.

The only disadvantage is the accessibility.
Oh, and it is located just beside a dog cafe! We met many dogs along the way!

Another place is a bak kut teh place located at Gateway

They have very delicious soup and not expensive at all !! 
A set meal cost around 10 bucks and you can eat till your hearts content !!

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