Tuesday, 1 July 2014

32 Weeks (Appointment)

No photos today coz baby is squashed up and, nothing is clear.
She had her hand on half her face, and umbilical cord all over the place.
We will see her in about 8 weeks.

Currently she sits at 1.77kg, smaller scale than usual but still within the range.
Doctor has finally confirmed that she can go on natural birth!

Next appointment in two weeks time!

Before we met the gynae, I was telling hubbs that maybe we should just go ahead with C-section so that we won't need to worry when the water bag will break etc. Hubbs says it's all up to me. And I was so confident that baby is still in breech position.

But the moment the ultra scan starts, the first thing gynae mention was "Baby has turned!" and my heart sank!!! And I started to panic, literally. I can feel the blood rushing into my heart and thumping very hard. But then again, I have told hubbs before that, if baby is good for natural, we will allow her to choose her own birth date. So, I MUST fulfill what I have said!

So, no matter how painful it will be, IT WILL PASS!
Feeling so determined, I told myself too that the pain will only last for at most 24 hours.


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