Tuesday, 15 July 2014

34 Weeks (Appointment)

Depress, depress, depress !
Well, I shall start off with what happened last night!

Baby bean was moving harshly throughout the night. And all her movements were so obvious that it squashed my stomach, intestine and everything inside. I totally feel unwell and whined to hubbs. For the very first time, baby bean moved the whole night. And I didn't, and couldn't, sleep at all. My tummy just keep moving and moving like an octopus trying to escape the fish net.

Hubbs saw all the movements with his own eyes.
And it followed with a sharp pain in my tummy, near belly button area.

So. When morning came, I told hubbs that something is not right. I felt that baby bean has turned through all the movements. Hubbs assured me that everything will be well and we will see the doctor tonight.

For the whole day, I was feeling unwell.
The sharp pain I mentioned earlier remains painful, as if there is a bruise from inside.
It limits my movements since twitching my waist a little hurts too.

And the first thing I saw my gynae, was to complain to him about the sharp pain and I pointed to him the area. Here comes the ultra scan... The first point of contact he made to the tummy was the sharp pain area, and HOLY!!! the head is there.

Baby bean actually squeezed her way through from engaged position, back to upright sitting position. She was snuggling comfortably, back facing the ultra scan camera. Good girl uh!

So, today no photo again since we can only see her brain, and limbs.

I am currently 66.7kg and only gained about 200g since two weeks ago. Baby bean was 1.77kg at 32weeks, and today 1.97kg. Seems like my weight gained has gone to her.

Appetite has gone down especially when she toss and turn like Jackie Chan during my meal time. It makes me feel pukish and I can't finish my food. Plus now her head is headbutting my gastric, it makes things worst. I keep feeling a huge lump supporting my gastric and I have difficulty breathing hard and sitting down.

Basically I can't stand up straight anymore too.
Back started aching due to the weight infront of me.

CONCLUSION, nurse was saying that it would be wiser to opt for c-section since baby is smaller in built, and may even rotate during birth which makes natural birth dangerous. End up might still get an emergency c-section which will cost 1k more.

We decided to opt for C-section and it will be on week 38, which is 11 August onwards.

Looking forward.
I have another 4 weeks to sleep through my nights.

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