Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Emerging Artists

DISCLAIMER: Photos ripped from Toh's facebook album.

And so, our July was concluded this way... :)
It was a nice performance, seeing my old pal standing on the stage darlingly pursuing his dreams. Everyone's applaud was a form of motivation for him to continue moving on.

This route may be tough, but I guess it makes a real man out of it.

Families and friends gathered on this special day, YES YeeYen and YahFong was there too, and also Ms Yati and her husband, Toh and two flautist (Sorry I can't match their names!)

So many memories flashes back as if I went back to time. We picked up the flute the very same day thirteen years ago and look at him now! Time really flies. Also, with more interraction between Toh recently, I really missed those band days!

And I'm sucha coward not to say hello to his mum!
I am so disrespectful I feel.

But anyway, we all have moved on, like how hubby says. :)

Lastly, to think of it, this two guys made so much impact to my life...

...... really.

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