Saturday, 6 July 2013

Qihua Primary School 75th Anniversary Celebration

There is a photographer for the event. But because hubby wants some close shot of the kids, he decided to invite me over to take some shots. We'll take this as a practice session and it will allow me to get expose under different lights and circumstances.

Good experience in all!
The kids are crazy and cute!

The official event starts at 5pm (the concert itself), but I was there early to get settled down. They have a trial run beforehand in fact.

(The kids lining up to move to the hall)
Yes mose of them are smiling to my camera!

And the teacher-in-charge giving instructions to the kids:

(This is a half Japanese!!!)

And the rehearsal and mic-test started:

The main teacher in-charge talking to them before the concert starts... and the kids were instructed to prep their lips with a mouthpiece warm up like this:

This is a cute percussion boy :D

And the song they're playing is written by my talented hubby!

And the performance started!

Look at all their serious expression!
Yes they may be tough to control at times, but when it comes to serious stuff, they can really handle that well !

Last photo of my hubby here trying on a cornet before the concert!
Too hamsome not to post! <3
All in all, this was a good experince!

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  1. Ohh wish there were videos. Haha, seeing myself 4 years ago really brings back memories!