Saturday, 20 July 2013

WGS Speech Day

WGS's once-a-year Speech Day is here again.
This time, Toh and hubby got the "Friends of Woodgrove" award. :)

This very day, I've got so much mixed feelings.
I feel so happy being back to this familiar place, but without familiar faces. Luckily my section is there and they didn't leave me alone. And gladly, I have my camera with me. That helps to remove that awkward line between me and the rest of the section, away.

8am, the band falls in and started their day.
I dont know if it's me or the band, I feel that passion we used to have in my band days. Or was it me? But why the teachers say so too?

Fall-in for attendance marking

And the U.O checked for attire; the nails and socks!
See the girls serious at work!

It's been a while since I went back, and I think my clinching a Distinction made them more aware of themselves; I mean the way they carry themselves infront of people.... Or maybe due to the change of leaders... I dont know, everything may be possible.

But I feel that passion!

Tune in was next;

The actual event starts at 9am, so Toh and hubby went down to wait for their award presentation, while the kids and myself waited at the bandroon. Band was the last item estimated performance time: 11am.

It's a long wait! But meanwhile, they dressed up and did some self practicing (the whole band joined in!) and sections by sections went to take section photos!

Little Mira. She's my batch Mira's sister. Such a small world. And her siblings are all bandsmen graduated from WGSSB! How awesome is that?

The flutes, okay..... this is a bad job compared to the rest, cos the other sections went down to take photos with the greens!

Saxes here:

And clarinets:

Before I could finish all the sections, Mr Jerry wanted to distribute the certs for the new committee, and followed by their performance already. So ...... my collection ends here.

And here, a full band photo to conclude the day.

Oh, I almost forgot...
Here is Mrs Song & I :)

Year 2008

Year 2013
We didn't change much, did we?

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