Friday, 23 August 2013

42 Days 8 Hours

..... TO OSAKA!
It's changing season by then, so I hope I get to see some autumn leaves in Kyoto ~

OK~ this photo is on the kua zhang side.
Maybe this one below looks better :

We don't really have an itinerary, but we will be heading down to Tokyo and Kyoto, and will be staying in Tokyo for 3 nights! Of cos, not to miss the Disneyland and Mt Fuji !!

So apart from Disneyland, the another thing i'd wanna do in Tokyo will be shopping! I often see how much things Xiaxue buys in Japan, and all of them are soooooo KAWAII !! <3

We'll be staying in Ikebukuro, just 15mins train ride to Tokyo station.

Moving on from Tokyo, we then head down to Osaka for the rest of our nights. Staying in Osaka station (hotel is 5 mins walk from Osaka) and will be spending some time in Kyoto for one two days.

There is a Gion street in Kyoto that tourist usually go there to see Geisha. I'm in. :)

And the last part of our Japan trip will be Osaka itself. I've booked Swissotel for the last two days of stay there, (it's in Namba area which have a direct back to airport) and we're gonna walk Osaka by foot . No la ... joking.

I haven't figure that out yet, but I'm sure the hotel staff can help me there.

I'm getting my camera ready, currently looking for flash light and some accessory!

So, stay tuned!

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