Monday, 12 August 2013

Funny Smoogies

Brought the boys out for some fun at the corridor since it rained.. Niki was looking so bored recently, so I think a little run is good for him. And indeed !

Just look at their expression in these photos made me laugh...

They chase after each other's tail and run around, many rounds, pee and poo (i've gotta run to them and put the newspaper below to catch their poop!)

And the dancing Niki ! Look at Wintee's teeth !!!
And .... ATTACK!

Funny moments:
The Expression, PRICELESS!

Afterwhich, I cleaned them up and wipe them dry, give them a good brush and off to tuck them in bed. :)

Oh, and they shared ice-water !
Oh, by the way, Smoogies is just a random word. :)

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