Saturday, 3 August 2013

III Cafe

687A East Coast Road

Operating hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 12pm - 10pm
Friday - Sunday 11am - 11pm
We're here to have a small celebration for Niki and Winter for turning 3rd this week actually. And we had lunch. :) Both of them had some fun, but didn't take much photos cos I hate indoor shooting. :( My bad.
The place is clean and conducive, it's spacious and we were lucky to meet good doggies this time round! Both Niki and Winter played quite a fair bit as compared to when we were at other places :) Hubby and I can even lunch peacefully!

(Oh by the way, most photos here are taken by hubby's new phone: HTC One!)
Both of them didn't wanna take a decent photo with me!! *humph*
Here is hubby and Niki <3

So our day ended quick, both boys were tired and even slept on the way back home. I hope both of them had fun!

This is a nice place to hang out. And if they have an outlet at woodlands, I'll definitely frequent it! East Coast is way too far for us, and infact, Niki started whinning just 10mins into the car ride. So, both became rather impatient.

We will drop by in the future if we have our own transport, and/or we are nearby that area with Niki and Winter. :) And I'll introduce this place to my friends for sure! (This place will be great for parties!)

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