Friday, 2 August 2013

Taking to an old mate.


I joined the SWS during my late teens, and got stucked for a good few years. I learnt many things and made many friends, grew a lil, played a lot. That sums up my teenage years.

My first performance was small scaled and we weren't close that time. She's an SL, stern, serious, not a bad player. No one realised that she's actually younger than most of us.

Time didn't give us chance, out of a sudden, we both grew a few years.

We both changed. Get into relationships, and out. Learning and lending each other's ears every time. I can remember how she called me in the middle of the night, made me jump out from sleep and console her.

She looks like a strong girl, but she's actually a little puppy.

We both knew we couldn't turn back time, so treasure what you have this moment and not leave it with regrets. I love her.

Hope she finds her happiness. <3

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