Saturday, 7 December 2013

Gucci's Exam

Lesson Twelve


Medium Poodle - Gucci is here for exam today.
MY exam, not his.
I really need to say that I'm lucky to have him for exam as he is a still dog. Meaning, he don't move that much and doesn't bite. Maybe just the ear cleaning part is a little tough, but he is okay. :)

I reach school with a tired face and immediately laoshi noticed it. And that's where her leniency kick in. She is aware and even commented "Wah, only started work 1 week and you so tired?" and she laughed at me :(

But it's okay, she is a fun loving individual that no one will reject making friends with her.

I tried very hard to focus, but the rabbit grooming beside me keeps shedding and it flew into my eyes. I had an infection throughout the whole day.

But luckily, laoshi knew that I had put in enough effort, and that today is a bad day for me that's why my standard dropped a little. She gave me a pass and told me to go back and rest. I am grateful to her.

I felt pretty guilty for not doing well as I usually do.
But it's ok, at least now I know I need to put in extra effort.

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