Sunday, 15 December 2013

Yuri the Cross Russell

Lesson Fourteen

She is a Jack Russell cross with some Terrier. She've got a cute face, long body, and rather short limbs. Roughly 4 years of age, hyper active with lots of energy!

She has wired hair but doesn't shed easily.
With minor skin problem, and a handful of ticks!

Here is her shave down

And shaving down her face and limbs

Here... Now she looks fat! Opps!
So after shaving the face, laoshi taught me how to hold a scissors the correct way.

It reminded me of my band days, when all of us just got our new instruments. We didn't have enough breath to hold a bar or two, neither we have the energy to keep playing for continuous 2 hours. I am filled with excitement, and will spend some time practicing my scissoring.

1000 vertical lines per day of practice.
This is laoshi's standard.

Wish me luck!

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