Friday, 13 December 2013


People close to me knows me of a person whom is not very sociable.
I am not sociable not because I am nasty or unkind, but my belief for friendship means having a handful of close ones will do. I do not need, or want, many friends. 

People come and go.
How many you will actually spend your life with?

So I cut down on entertaining people whom I don't feel a click with.
Again, not because they are bad, just that my interest in things are rather minimal.

I have friends. I still have.
But I hardly have people of my age.
This two are the special ones... 
We were ex-colleague in fact, joined just a few months apart. Our trust in each other grew so quickly that we became inseparable. There are too many gossips at work and we are so young at that time to understand politics. 

So we stood by each other.
That makes a forever friend.

I love them.
And I hope they both stay well, Shir & Jol.

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  1. I know that feeling!!! The cutting down on entertaining people who don't click! Wahahaha!