Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Work, Life, Balance

.... is one of the emphasis for this company.
So, we have flexible working hours such that staff can choose the most comfy period to work so that they can arrange family matters (ie: fetching their kids)

0800 - 1730 hrs
0830 - 1800 hrs
0900 - 1830 hrs

And if you need any special arrangement, discuss with your supervisor. And true enough, I have a colleague coming at 6.30am, knocking off at 4:00pm.

I decided to pick the same start work timing as my previous company, 8am. 
In the past I wake up at 6am, run out to catch the company bus at 7am.
Now I wake up at 5am, and catch the 6.30am bus at the interchange.

Knocking off at my previous company was at 4.30pm.
Here, at 5.30pm. 

I use to reach home at a comfortable 5.30pm, and now at 7pm.
 I use to get on bed at 10pm, now I started feeling tired at 8pm.

My life changed so much.
But I'm not complaining, just a comparison between two jobs.
I am stepping out of my comfort zone, so it's always tough at the beginning I know.

And now I have eye bags due to lacking of sleep.

Weekends became so precious.
But wait - I'm on Grooming course!

All my Saturdays are booked for grooming from 11am to 6pm. And Sundays, I alternate it. And to be frank, I am not feeling tired from the grooming. That's passion! It's the waking up at 5am part wearing me out. 

I'm really curious, how come there can be so much different in two jobs when one focuses on work life and balance but have equivalent or lesser benefits, than another company that just wanted to make more money?

But anyway, I'm still alive, don't worry. 
Hubby and I are working pretty hard to make sure we don't just make ends meet. 

Some happy stuff in my new job to look forward to, I've got a milk cup to become my pen holder.

Lastly something I always looked forward to; evenings !
Singapore can be a pretty place to live in, isn't it?


  1. Milk cup from CWP!! I wanted it too!! Haha~

  2. And... I am still awed with this hair style... Teach me one day :3