Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Our lil' Christmas Pressie

Missed my period by One day.
4 small pimples popping out of nowhere
Hubby says it's due to period.

I know myself.
I have never had pimples on my Cheek.
And it's FOUR !!

 and I decided to take the pregnancy (self) test....

I  thought my eyes were playing tricks on me!!

Immediately jump onto bed where hubby is playing his game, and ask him to read the box for result. He put down his game and gave me that "what happen?" look.

Showed him and he was in disbelief!

We were in state shocked for a few minutes before figuring out what's next!

So, I decided to seek help from Shirley & Jolyne, the experienced Mummies, and true enough, I really got some good info from them! 

I informed Yui right away coz I NEED SOME ONE TO TALK TO !!! Glad that I have good friends around me when in such times... (SMILES) I know they are all happy for us. We are so blessed. 

Alrights, I know, people will say it's not good to reveal the pregnancy during the first trimester. Superstitious or not, it depends on how you look at it. I think the reason behind this superstition is because the foetus is the weakest in the first three months, and people tend to get miscarriages during this period. Therefore, by not announcing, it saves the trouble of explaining to other people when it happens. Also, after announcing, there bound to be people 'telling' you what to do. It adds unnecessary stress to the new mom. And it affects the emotion/mood, causing hormones imbalance.

So of course, we decided to inform these people not because we want to haolian, but I know they are the people that truly cares. They will help me along the way. :)

According to Shirley, we should get a confirmation from the doc with regards to this pregnancy. Hubby was in shock state to believe that this test kit is accurate. (LOL) so we decided to source for a gynae. 

And Shir suggest we should get a nearby one, so that when the tummy gets bigger, it's easier to travel to and fro. Good suggestion. This is something we will overlook.

Hii Women's Clinic located at Khatib market. 

Nurse and doc were kind and soft spoken.
Did the scan and hubby finally accepted the truth!

We were so happy and started discussing how should we inform our parents!

Well, the best Christmas present we have received, and the best Christmas present for our parents. :)

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