Thursday, 29 November 2012

Frustration @ Work

I can understand that in life, we bound to have difficulties. And we will get disturbed easily, emotionally. It's the matter of how we learn to control, to release stress and to enjoy our lifes when we change our perspective towards some things.

Recently, I've been rather frustrated with work. Colleagues. To be exact.

We have this new system at customer's site, so they can place order through that system, and links up to our system (SAP), and supposingly it was automated. This 'linking up' process has took us some time to clear up old debts and outstanding stuff.

Now, this colleague of mine, whom has gone through the training is asking ME (who didn't get trained), things of the system.

And the funny thing is, she wanted me to check with my colleague which has worked here for more than 10 years, saying that "he should have more experience".

This is a new system at your customer's site, and we weren't trained !!!

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