Thursday, 1 November 2012

Attire Search !

Today is our 11th Monthsary, and since I'm on leave, we decided to go for some shopping! TARGET: DANIEL YAM!!

It started raining when we step out of house. :(
Pretty pretty gai gai lo ! <3
Headed to Far East Plaza for Lunch @ the chicken rice place

(no photos of food coz we're both hungry)
And next was Tangs! Were enthu about it, until we step into the half-torn-down building, and they dont even have an escalator. =.=

To our horror, Daniel Yam were gone!!!
The quick minded me quickly ask baby to search on the internet to find out their outlets.

(Trying hard to pose like super star)

So we headed straight to Daniel Yam, and spent an hour there trying more than 10 dresses of all sorts. The lady is so nice and really experience in mixing and matching.

I finally got my dress and we move on next to baby's attire! Mine all done. :D

He tried on some at those shops, but.....

So we ended up at Domanchi, and he finally got what he wants! <3 Well, since we're at town, and we suddenly remembered our photos from My Dream Wedding. Gave them a ring, and told them that we'll collect it NOW! :D

And so... we're left with Invitation card, guest list, meet the parents session, and some small details! :D Oh oh, and my shoes and accessories! T.T

Home sweet home at 8.30pm. 

What a tiring day! <3

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