Wednesday, 7 November 2012


November 2012
-Meet Parents
-File ROM
-Contact Solemnizer
-Collect Wedding Bands
-Send Invitation card for Printing
-Send Wedding Album for Printing
-Get ready Guest List
-Shop for Bridesmaid Dress

December 2012
-Bridesmaid Meet Up
-Order Cakes (for '过大礼')
-Collect Invitation Card
-Collect Wedding Album
-Meet up Florist
-Contact Amara for Wedding Favours

January 2013
-Distribute Invitation Card
-Confirm Wedding Song List
-Meet up with Amara's Wedding Coodinator
-Confirm Guest Attendance
-Draw up Guest List
-Meet up Bridesmaid to tie down details
-Order Hi-Tea snacks
-Prepare Red Packet Boxes & Guest Book

.... I hope I haven't miss out anything yet! :)

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