Monday, 19 November 2012

Shiberty & Grinaffair

As I mentioned previously, Shan has been helping me with the snack bar. She have suggested a few places that I can get those stuff I need. She really have a lot of friends. ha ha ha

Check this out!!
Alrights, everyone loves pretty things. As I'm looking at these photos, I can't bear to whine to Vinc that I want all these in my wedding settings! And the poor him gotta calm me down and make me think of my theme. T.T



Alrights, I know I can't stuff everything full on the snack bar, so I will consider wisely. Thanks Shan again <3

Another site, Grinaffair
They specialise in Cake in a Jar, and they looks beautiful too!!!

By looking at these cakes, it makes me drool!
I'm so spoilt for choices!!

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