Sunday, 3 November 2013

Diploma in Pet Grooming

I signed up for their Diploma in Pet Grooming in September, so here I am, having 1K sponsored by my previous employer. Can I say that I'm taking my diploma now? hehee... 

This is my laoshi, Zayne.

She's my inspiration. 

 To be frank, the beginning few hours was bad. 
I was learning how to do a proper brush and all negative stuff starts filling up my mind. I keep asking "WHY I landed myself into this shit".

Yes, that bad.

I stopped and took a sip of my Pokka Green Tea and told myself, "NO! I should STOP all the negative thinking! I MUST persist! I am responsible for my own actions! Every first steps are tough! I have to finish what I want to do! I have my dreams waiting for me! I want my own shop!" 

That was a leap.

I manage to convince myself that I'm doing the Right thing now. I have dreams and I need to fulfill them. And so.. For the fact that was my very first lesson, I have already picked up a full basic grooming! And was praised by my teacher and my classmates that I'm a fast learner *proud*

I was done earlier than expected and moving on to my 2nd doggie for the day! (Usually people will take one lesson to complete one dog in the first lesson, and I did two!)

And I came home, EXHAUSTED and hungry... but Happy.

It's been a long time since I've been into something. It's satisfying. 

I didn't manage to take any photo with the two cute lil pooch! (Poodle Can Can and Shihtzu x Maltese, Handsome!) I will do it next time :D

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  1. It is certainly inspiring to read your writes. Haha.
    I wonder when and how will I gather these courage to push negativity away like you did and pursue dreams again. OL lifestyle is a killer to dreams >.< lol~