Wednesday, 27 November 2013

FUTU the Cute & The 1 Month Old Puppy

Lesson Nine.

Yes she is a poodle also, and she is so obedient ! I have no problem grooming him today, done within 3 hours (incl shower)

Laoshi taught new stuff today!
See the "ribbon" on his ears?

This is actually to protect his ear fur as they are trying to grow his ear fur long. It prevents rough playing and breaking of his fur. So, laoshi have to comb it every day, remove this wrap and re-wrap it ON DAILY BASIS!

Cute little thing. <3
So since I'm early, lesson should end at 5pm, but i'm done at 3pm, so laoshi brought this 1 month old puppy from his cage to me. He, the puppy, is actually the son of Handsome (the shihtzu cross maltese) and 公主 !! 

See the size 

I was trying to trim his nails and he was trying to chew on me. It's his first ever grooming session and he is so so scared that he kept whining. And the mum, 公主 which is just at the next table, barked at me.

He doesn't have teeth yet.


Both the parents is a shihtzu cross maltese.

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