Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Carpet Matt - Toy Poodle

Lesson Six. 
Groomed Brush Natsuri, the toy poodle, today.

Her tangles were so bad that people will shave her down the moment they receive her. But "Every groomer will have to go through this" my laoshi says, so I continued de-matting her with a pinch of salt.

She look like some abandon little dog.
(P/S: her bad matt is due to bad fur condition, plus her hair tie which she scratches on)

After 7 hours of hard work, her messy head is gone, and her neck and shoulders. Not even half her body done yet. *Grossly over matted*

"The more grooming you do, the more patience you will get" - laoshi

...... to be continued ......

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