Friday, 15 November 2013

A Chin That Bites

Lesson Five
Still practicing on Basic Groom, and today failed terribly.

Nikki the Japanese Chin.

I arrived on time (consider myself late actually) because I went to SGH early in the morning to submit my medical report from Woodlands Polyclinic. No breakfast, no lunch and canteens are nowhere to be seen! I'm so famished but I have no choice but to proceed to school.

Cute little face with the same name as my Baobei #1 - I thought my day would be great. Started his grooming and I found horror. This is a little monster that bites!

Laoshi saw him snapping at me fiercely (finally!) and decided to activate the muzzle as he already left some ugly markings on my hand. (FYI, he looked like an old dog without fangs, so all the bites are depressed teeth marks without blood) 


Due to his short snout, muzzling failed.
Laoshi finally took out a secret weapon, GLOVES!

But frankly speaking, it didn't help a lot. The gloves prevented Nikki to bite into my skin directly, but the more I ignore his bites, the harder he chews. Ended up I still get red marks from his biting. Worst thing is, he refuse to let go my fingers after biting it hard. I can feel my knuckles breaking....


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