Monday, 29 October 2012

Finally Back !!

I manage to squeeze my luggage by sitting on it to zip them up, all because of this lil' sofa for niki wimpy!

Alrights, they didn't really sleeeep on it, but at least they played on it.

So, my weekend back in Singapore was awesome! The first thing I did, was to have baby fetching me, and we had a great dinner together. Finally I'm home. And of course, I quickly rush home to my dearest baby nik and baby wimpy! They were SOOOO HAppy!!

We didn't sleep until 2plus, and Niki Wimpy were soooo tired. <3

Saturday was good. We spent time at home and we went walking the dogs to look at our future site. No photos taken. So, we already have an idea of how we're gonna choose our flat. :D

A long walk, and manage to work out the two kids. They are getting fatter and fatter! And I promise myself to bring them for walks at least once every two days. I need them to excercise if not ah pui is getting fatter ~~ T.T

Sunday, we went to Kim's birthday celebration at Aloha.
Ah baby and I <3
Finally had some Satay!!!

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