Saturday, 20 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai - 南京路,朱家角古镇

This is a super long post with loads of photos.

Today's itinery: Go back to office to get my log-in device (yes the blur me left it in the office), followed by The Bund, then NanJing Road (南京路), and lastly, Zhu Jia Jiao Town (朱家角古镇)

Went out at 10am
Done my picking up and continued my journey to Pu Xi (浦西) - over the Nan Pu Bridge (南浦大桥)

And so I alighted at The Bund (外滩) along Zhong Shan Nan Lu (中山南路) and walked a lil..

The Bund is actually like our Singapore River. Surrounded by awesome buildings, financial buildings and those important history.

There are a lot of people, but because the the area is super huge, I don't feel squeezy. Nice weather, and people are all busy taking pictures.

(Click for bigger view)

Taken by my phone! hehehee....

Alrights, so moving on the Shanghai's famous fashion street. I was expecting myself to buy some stuff, but I was wrong wrong and wrong. I think I forgotten that i'm in China.

This place actually reminds me of Bugis Street.
They have huge buildings, mostly (empty) shopping malls and a lot of people along the streets.

This is the famous Nan Jing Lu Walking Street (南京路步行街) just like Bugis Street!

This poodle look so reluctant.

But because the whole street is so so big, there is a tourist train.

Finally found the sports shop for Tommy!!
Li Ning - they carry a lot of badminton stuff.

But too bad, they only left with L sizes. Didn't manage to get his stuff.

And I decided to walk to 人名广场. Took me 30 mins to reach! And I went by 世纪广场!! Oh I didn't know it's here.

(Today's weather - 24 degrees!)

And I found the place to take bus to 朱家角古镇

50 mins ride to the town 朱家角.

And I reach!
Took a tricycle (SGD 2) into the town.

And my tour starts....

Got ba chang !!
Initially wanted to try, but but see so many flies, I really dont dare. Coz I dont wanna get myself into serious tummy issues as I have to take a 50 mins bus ride back to Pu Xi ... =.=

But it does look yummy! And I saw many people buying and eating a long the way. Well... Its' okay . :)

This place is like a another vernice. A rive in the middle with loads of people staying around it. And they have this tourist boat that initially I wanted to take. But it's really a big turn off when I see people throwing stuff into the river!

So... that marks my day.
I am happy, and the bus got stucked in the traffic jam on our way back. Finally get to rest after walking for a total of 6 hours!

Buys for the day, cookie!!

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