Thursday, 25 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai - Colleagues Farewell

Today is my last day of work.
We had a little celebration, Pizza for lunch! <3
And I requested a group photo to be taken for keepsake.

The OTF team: (My direct colleagues)
left to right:
Dias, Emily, Evy, Estee, Me, Cheryl, Julie, Ten.

They are a bunch of fun loving people. Kind hearted (CHINA PEOPLE - yes!) colleagues. They cared for me and taken of me pretty well. Always worried that I don't eat, they will bring me a bun or crackers for tea. They brought me to badminton session twice a week after work, and brought me to play Pool <3 We had some nice dinners, nice drinks by the river, and some short shopping.. They also recommend me places to visit and make sure I know what to expect. 

Even though I'm still alone most of the time, but I'm grateful enough. They all are just a call away and they can do all sorts of things.....together! I think, this is something we the Singapore team can't do. Well, different culture and different society. We all have families while most of them are single over there. 

Take care my dear colleagues;
Till we meet again!

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