Friday, 19 October 2012

HDB Que 107 !!

And both of us were sooooo excited and happy!

Treetrail - just 10 mins walk from my parents place.
Was just telling mum that in the future I can walk gougou to and fro her place, and she laughted at me, asking if I will be so hardworking! YESS!! That is if she were to cook for dinner! Good idea? ;)

Out of 234 units for 5-room, we got a lucky 107! Ronny is not so lucky, he is 318. But I was telling him, maybe he could come along and we'll see how things go. He will be looking for MP on Monday with my que number and his, so hopefully it helps.

Both baby and I were so so lucky this time round.
We were talking about it the last time, no matter where we stay, Sengkang or Woodlands, as long as we are together, this will be our home. <3

So, I am starting to think of how we should renovate our house liao! ho ho ho ~~

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