Saturday, 13 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai - Shanghai Pets Fair 2012

After baby gave me the directions via Whatsapp, I FOUND MY WAY with the cabby's help! I gave up taking train coz I'm at Line 10, and have to change twice the line to reach

And I noticed, the owner here don't really leash their dogs!! I have seen a few owners walking their dogs with leashes, and their dogs went to the tree to pee pee, turn back and look for their owner to continue walking!

The dogs here know how to follow their owner!
So, i reached the Expo fair and SO MANY POODLES!

See the mini poodle!

Following the crowds to the fair :)

My ticket!!
50元 (SGD 10)

And there are so many wholesale products as well as pet stuff on sale! Some even wore the clothes on the spot!

And there is a 狗狗相亲会!

And a dog show!

And I saw a Cogi, with a lost soul . :(

And the famous meow!!

It's actually a housecat cross bred with a stray.
Nice hor!!

And a grooming exhibition:
The gougou look so sad. =.=

And saw my first westie!

Boughts for the day:

Panda top and toy at SGD 2 !!!

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