Sunday, 21 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai - 宜家家具

SUNDAY TODAY!! 4 days to go!
Went to Ikea today!

Settled my lunch!
Meatballs at RMB20 (SGD 4) and Chicken Wing for RMB3 each (SGD 0.60) and a Cheesecake RMB12 (SGD2.20)

And I saw some cute toys! But I didn't buy coz I know baby will nag at me. T.T LOL

And I got 2 toy for Niki Wimpy!! (less than 2bucks)

This store is HUGGGGGEEEE !!

Done my walk arounds within an hour.
Initially wanted to see sunset, but there's no sun today.

Headed back to hotel and *nua*. :D

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