Wednesday, 10 October 2012

TRAVEL: Shanghai - Walmart

Dressing up to work!
Morning and Evening is cold. Noon is warm!

Look! They have a special lane for bikes!! :)

Flowers outside my office!

I really like their fresh flower scent!

3 days into my Shanghai Trip, i'm starting to miss Singapore; ESPECIALLY FOOD!! Well, I decided to go with my colleague for lunch today and today they have Special!! Noodles on Wednesday!

It's actually written "Vegetarian Noodle" and I was surprised by the taste. Bland. I thought many people will expect Shanghainese food to be either oily or salty, but its a little unusual for our canteen food to be on the bland side. But never mind.

The portion is HUGE!
I only manage to finish half. Of probably it killed my appetite. Idk~ And the free meal (yes everyone in the office had free lunch) comes with a mantou 馒头, a yougurt 酸奶 and a peach juice 桃汁. And I really like their mantou!! It's niceeeee !! <3

Alrights, work - is boring. I can't wait for weekend.
After work, since I have nothing to do, I decided to head down to Walmart - 15mins walk from my hotel.

The first thing I step out of hotel, was the familliar scent! They are all around my hotel!!! :D Love them. The Gui Hua (桂花)!!

Alright, back to my Walmart trip:

 According to my colleague, I have to turn right at a junction. And as I walk, it gets darker - all around my hotel are condos. So i was walking along the condos and I keep asking myself, what if i'm walking the wrong direction?!!!

Oh well, I manage to convince myself that among Condos, there must have a supermarket!! LOL, and yes, its a huge one.

They really wasted a lot of space! tsk*

hahahahahaa... And so, they have a pharmacy there and I manage to find baby's medication!!!!

And I lug everything back:
My shampoo (dumb me bought a conditioner instead of shampoo from Singapore!!), a coke, two hot tea (instant) and my colleague's Tie Guan Yin 铁观音, along with 22 tubes of medicated cream. I think the pharmcist think I siao. She was shocked when she heard me saying "I want 30" .. she say "I think we only have 22....."

Haha, she cute la.
And i bought a sofa for my kids!! <3

I can imagine Wimpy curling up and sleeping on this sofa. <3
I miss Niki Wimpy.
I miss Singapore.

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